Syria: Different Views on the Same Picture or Information War?

You won’t find anything in the West media but accusations of the Syrian government in connection with the Houla massacre. Some, like The Telegraph, refer to a certain Martin Griffiths, deputy commander of the UN observer mission in Syria, who blamed the Syrian governmental forces of the killings without finishing the investigation. However, there’s another side of the story, which was voiced by… Griffiths’ commander, Major General Robert Mood ( If you read it you certainly won’t find anything about clear involvement of the Syrian governmental forces. Because the investigation is still ongoing. Seems like Griffiths forgot the principal of impartiality, which must be adhered to by all UN staff, especially military observers. Then, he’d better leave the mission!
Meanwhile, the Assad’s government have presented their version of the incident:
Until time and UN investigation team prove or deny the involvement of pro-governmental forces it’s fruitless to speculate on the issue.
Media, you ought to be unbiased!